How can an application that runs only on an individual operating device be so expensive?

How can an application that runs only on an individual operating device be so expensive?

In the case of mobile application development, a lot of people are still confused about how an application that can run only on an individual operating device can be so expensive? In the last few days, many of our customers have seen many discrepancies related to its cost. One of our clients who had been using another company’s service for the last 4 years, said that in the cost in which your company is giving only mobile applications, the other company is giving four different project websites as well as mobile applications. Even if the performance of the application created by that company is not good, the company will definitely provide you your application.

First thing here, it is very important to understand that just like web app development, mobile app development is also of 2 types. In which the first is predefined template-based and the second is client requirements-based development. In predefined template-based development, the company customizes the pre-made template and gives it to you, the first thing in which is that you do not have copyright on the code of your application. You cannot sell your code if it is not used in the future and the second thing is that the template-based application costs more than its limited features. First of all, let us tell you here that if you go into any mobile development field, it will prove to be a bit more expensive than a web application.

People say that the company charges its customers by the hour to develop mobile applications. While this is not 100 percent true, even for web development, the company charges its customers by the hour but not all companies follow this process. The only reason mobile application development is expensive is that mobile applications have to build a lot of small modules compared to web development and they have to be tested countless times. It requires a core backend developer, front-end theme designer, server manager, and tester, all of which are needed to design a better application.

It is also not that mobile app development costs so much for just one reason. Apart from this, there are many factors which play a role in increasing its cost. For example, if you want to develop a mobile app, the cost depends on what level of app you want to design, such as LMS app, ecommerce app, hotel or ticket booking app, restaurant and table booking app etc. After this, comes the database number. Now, many types of conditions are made here. For example, the database of your mobile app should be created individually or linked to the database of your already existing web app. The thing to note here is that in most mobile apps, some other databases like real time databases, relational databases, cloud databases are also designed. Which are made to serve better in the form of their notifications, promotion, marketing, and device storage. Some of these databases are free and some have to spend money but all are charged as designing.

After this, comes the control panel number. To manage and operate both a web app and a mobile app, a control panel and server are required. Where you have to buy running platforms and servers for your apps and control panel. All types of notifications, coupons, monetization, promotion, marketing, themes and content customization are done from this control panel. Whether you want to design native apps or hybrid, it depends on your business model and also defines the development cost.

The final and essential aspect in the series of mobile app development that defines your business model is the API. What is your business model? What kind of features your application needs meet your needs, all such APIs are integrated such as Wishlist, checkout, payment gateway, map location finder, product comparison system, machine learning for e-commerce. Video player, live chat system for LMS. Booking system, a scheduling system for restaurants, etc. 

Finally, the application’s theme designing, portability, and compatibility are tested at the module level. Then the mobile application is ready somewhere. After successfully completing all levels the application is published to the running platform. In this blog, we have only tried to explain to you why mobile application development is expensive. Hopefully you will get some convenience from it. If you have any query, you can contact us. This will make us happy.