Build E-commerce Business Team

We also create a backend IT team for your e-commerce business.

You know that for online e-commerce, it is mandatory for all the panels of the web portal to function smoothly and for this, you need to set up a back-end IT team for your web portal, which not every businessman wants to do.

Not to worry because we set up an IT team for all your back-end work, from designing your online e-commerce business to its digital platform so that the digital platform of your online e-commerce business is always readily available to your customers and all the features of the web portal work smoothly.

Let us tell you what is done in the back-end by an IT team in doing an online e-commerce business.


As the administrator of your website, you should have a place where you can review all pertinent information regarding your the performance of your website. The dashboard should be customizable and offer summary information regarding various aspects of the website: out of stock items, information requests, sales figures, and ecommerce performance metrics.

Administrator Management

You may have a team to work on your website, which means you should be able to give each team member a certain amount of administrative control. You should be able to decide what sections of your CMS each team member can edit or view.

META Data Control

Ability to control your meta data is crucial when trying to get your website to rank well for various relevant keywords in search engines. You should be able to customize the title tag of every page on your website as well as easily create rules for types of pages to handle title tag creation. For example, you would not want to have to write the page title of each and every product on your website, especially if you have thousands of products. Instead, creating rules for each product will help you optimize a large number of product pages all at once.

Loyalty program

Mention things like reward points and other special offers for your long time customers. Include a link that takes them to more a more detailed offer page.


A sitemap.xml file tells search engines of all the pages on your website, to ensure that those pages get crawled.

Tracking Code Addition and Editing

Whether it’s your Google Analytics code or Google Website Optimizer, you should have the ability to easily add and update tracking code on various pages. This will compress testing timelines by skipping the need for a web developer each time work is required.

Store Management

Each of your categories, subcategories, and products should be easily editable through your ecommerce back-end. That includes updating of product colors, sizes, descriptions, etc. and the ability to specify which product to feature on the home page.

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